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Profounda is a product-oriented, privately backed pharmaceutical company that aims to develop high quality specialty niche pharmaceutical products in both the branded and generic pharmaceutical markets....

Sebastian - the 4th PAM Survivor


The professionals at Profounda know what it takes to develop and market pharmaceutical products of the highest quality for our customers. We are currently working on multiple differen't products. Our first product to Market is the Rhinase Nasal Products line. Click on more information to learn more!

Your Health is Our Top Concern!
IMPAVIDO infectious disease drug

Our goal at Profounda is to provide effective, innovative, and high quality products into both the generic and branded pharmaceutical markets.

Our team of industry experts are currently working hard developing new products and ideas in order to better serve you and your health needs.

Check out our custom products and services. 


Timely and immediate access to relevant information regarding Profounda is just a click away. In the News section you will find all current and archived news articles and updates...

Knowledgeable, personal and friendly, the team at Profounda looks forward to serving you once we launch our products.  Interested in learning about our new products first - sign up or give us a call.

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